John Furino & The Belaires
Johnny Fay & The Blazers

American Rock 'n' Roll singer, John Furino started his career in 1958 when he was 15 with the Bel-aires. He first performed in the late 50’s beginning of the 60’s invited on stage by Brenda Lee or Sonny Geracy.

He recorded on Dani Records’ Label under the name of Johnny Fay and the Blazers

Composer-songwriter, he sings and plays Sax Tenor. His wild rock n’roll style makes him near of musicians from the North of the United States playing a furious wild rockin as Tony Canasova or Mickey Hawk.

Sweet Linda Brown recorded in 1962 with his amazing sax rif is his most famous song.

Today, he’s going back on the roads…
With his compositions recorded between 1958 and 1962 and standards of the wildest 50's rock and roll (Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, etc…).
Together with The Megatons who provide the backing.

For his first European tour in May 2012, great success, an incredible energy, he marked the crowds throughout the tour.
Now the European tour start the November 3th 2012, don’t miss him.

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Sweet Linda Brown - 1962 - Dani Records

Cindy - 1962 - Dani Records

Sweet Linda Brown 2012 live