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Recording, mix and master by Rocker for Rockers. Jull Records. Tel 00 33 (0)6 66 21 31 08
Recording studio with 50's material. Mix and master by Rockers for Rockers. The association aims to promote the culture of the 50s through music, exhibitions, meetings, gatherings, exchange fellowships, concerts and recording bands in Rockabilly style.
ROCKERS KULTURE wants to promote Rock and Roll and Rockabilly through Records Hops, Concerts, Performances, Burlesque Shows, Radio Spots, Records Release, Press Reviews, Books...

Rock Paradise vinyl record store: (42 Rue Duranton Paris 15th) - Collector-specialist Rock 50s - Sixties Pop-Rhythm & Blues. Rock Paradise label.
Rock and Roll Revue ; Quarterly and Occasional for Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Blues, Country, Swing and Revival Fans.
Roll Call; since 2008, the blog with thousands of photos, stories, biographies, videos, e-books, links to other blogs and sites. Like Big Beat Magazine, the only subjects are Rock 'n' Roll, Country Music and Blues, from their origins to the present day.
Raw rockin' band from Paris
All the Gigs in France , Europe and around the world
White Lightning Records. Quality is the main thread, both in terms of media and content.
We publish unissued records, vintage, revival, nowadays; the common link being the passion for authentic Rock and Roll.